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Web Picture Format

WebP, developed by Google to improve web performance. It uses both lossless and lossy compression techniques, WebP guarantees quality images with smaller sizes for speedy web loading while retaining quality like other formats. It's particularly useful for web graphics due to its support for transparency and animations.


Portable Network Graphics

PNG is a raster image file format known for its lossless compression, making it ideal for sharp-edged images like logos. It supports transparency, works well for web graphics, and maintains consistent display across devices. Unlike some formats, PNG keeps image quality intact without sacrificing file size efficiency.

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How to convert WEBP to PNG Online?

Step 1 Upload WebP File

Click the ‘Choose Files’ button or drag and drop WebP image to the uploaded area.

Step 2 Start Conversion

Click the 'Convert' button after uploading the file to initiate the WebP file to PNG conversion.

Step 3 Download PNG File

Your converted PNG is Ready, simply click ‘Download’ to save webp as png.

Quick and Efficient Processing

This WebP to PNG converter provides a simple and fast conversion process, allowing you to effortlessly convert WebP to PNG image instantly.

Secure Online Conversion

Turn WebP into PNG with utmost security, as our tool guarantees 100% secure conversion, files will be deleted permanently after processing.

Completely Free to Use

Convert your WebP file to PNG image without any cost. Our converter is free to use and highly reliable, ensuring a seamless conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to convert a WebP file to PNG?

WebP images are efficient for web use, but some platforms or software may not fully support the WebP format. Converting WebP file to PNG ensures broader compatibility across various devices, browsers, and applications.

How do I change webp to png without quality loss?

Using an online converter like webptopng aids in converting WebP files to PNG images while preserving the original quality.

How can I convert webp to png on Mac, Windows, & Linux?

Yes, this WebP to PNG online tool is compatible with all the major operating systems and devices. It can be accessed and used across multiple OS, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Can I export webp as png without any software?

No software installation is required to use this online WebP to PNG converter. All you need is a stable internet connection to access this wonderful tool from anywhere.

Can I convert multiple WebP files into PNG simultaneously?

Yes, you can convert multiple WebP files into PNG images at once without huge hassle. Our WebP to PNG converter is equipped with batch conversion capabilities, ensuring faster and more convenient processing of conversions.

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