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How to Convert WebP File Format into PNG Image?

How to Convert WebP File Format into PNG Image?

WebP and PNG are widely used image formats that are used for different graphics representation. They both come with their own strengths and advantages. However, there may be situations where the conversion from WebP images into PNG image format take place, especially when you’re dealing with compatibility issues or need to proceed with a different level of image quality. 

Give a read of this context and explore the guide that assists you in this particular conversion. 

Why Convert Google Web Picture to PNG?

Before knowing the reason for changing webp files into png format, let's start with some basic definitions.


WebP is a modern image format developed by Google Systems to provide users high quality images along with smaller file sizes. With this, it makes the websites load faster without any disruption. This Google web picture format uses advanced compression algorithms and also supports both lossy & lossy compression, which makes it a perfect choice for web-based graphics. 


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a popular raster graphic format, it works with lossless image compression, which maintains the high image quality while ending-up with larger file sizes. This image type supports transparency and is mainly considered for crisp details and precise color graphical representation.

However, WebP provides superior compression, still some older versions of browsers and applications might not be fully compatible with it. Converting WebP file format to PNG can ensure compatibility while maintaining the original image quality.

How to perform this conversion?

Converting WebP to PNG format can be indicated as a straight-forward process with the assistance of an online converter. You need to follow the given steps that lets you change one or more webp files into png images at once without compromising over the quality.  

Step 1: Choose an Online Converter

Although there are a wide array of online converters available around the internet, proceeding with makes perfect sense. It is one of the best tools that is packed with a user-friendly interface and doesn't even require any software installation.

Step 2: Upload Your WebP Image

Once you have decided to make a conversion with this converter, you simply have to upload your existing webp image. The process of file uploading is quite simple, just drag and drop or browser and upload the webp files that you want to convert.

Step 3: Start the Conversion

Wait till your webp files are completely uploaded onto this online converter for webp png conversions. Once uploaded, you just need to make a single click on the given “Convert” button that takes care of the conversion process without any hassle.

Step 4: Download the Converted PNG Image

Once the webp files to png images conversion process is completed, this online converter shows you the downloaded link as Download All button, you simply have to make a click on it to save all the newly transformed PNGs.

Why Online Converter?

Quick Way to Make Conversions:

It is referred to as the fastest way to export webp as png online without any delay, just a couple of steps lets you make files transformation. Creating one or even a batch of PNG files from existing WebP pictures is pretty swift with an online converter for webp & png files.

Secure Files Conversions:

Your files' privacy matters to us, we know how important they’re for you. They all are deleted permanently from the server utility right after conversions, and even no one is able to access them at any cost. 

Free Ways With All Platform Supported:

No need to invest a single penny on any software or third-party program as webptopng lets you make conversions for free. Also, now you can change from webp format into png image anywhere regardless of operating systems and devices you’re using one.


When compatibility and image quality are essential, converting WebP images to PNG format becomes a valuable solution. Online converters like entertain you with a convenient and accessible way to save your webp as a raster png file without any huge manual intervention. The above-mentioned steps lets you seamlessly change your webp file to png and even ensures that the converted png is ready for a wide range of platforms and devices.