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Top 8 WebP to PNG Converters to Streamline Conversion Process

Top 8 WebP to PNG Converters to Streamline Conversion Process

Around the digital globe, images play an immensely important role to enhance the user experience on the internet. You can find that image formats are also the patent source of sharing and uploading certain information efficiently. One such format that gained popularity around the internet is known as “WebP''. Developed by Google System’s, an image format that comes with superior compression as well as quality as compared to traditional formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, and others. However, due to the compatibility issues with some out-dated browsers and programs, there might be instances where you have to transform WebP into a more compatible format like PNG. To efficiently this image conversion process, WebP file format to PNG image converter plays a crucial role without any huge manual intervention. 

Give a read to this context and explore a few full-fledged online tools along with features that function to save webp as png format.

WebPtoPNG: is one of the best and easy to navigate online utilities that offers full-fledged online webp to png converter for your purpose of converting webp images into png image format. This is a free online tool that involves three simple steps to convert webp file to png such as upload WebP, click Convert, and Download PNG format. The batch files conversion feature distinguishes this online converter from its counterparts, it lets you make conversions for multiple files for free. You can export WebP as PNG raster graphic format with this tool without any software installation and signup processes.

Steps to follow for the conversion

  • Navigate to “”
  • Upload WebP files at once
  • After uploading, click Convert button
  • Download the newly converted PNG images with a one go

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant and straight-forward User-Interface (UI)
  • Enabled batch conversions, convert multiple webp files at once into PNGs
  • Quality Preserved outcomes regarding the conversion
  • No huge human intervention takes place to make conversions
  • 100% free online converter
  • Packed with certain information on both WebP and PNG formats
  • Swift Conversions
  • Secure Conversions


It is a super-fast online converter that efficiently converts your existing WebP files into high quality PNG format. This conversion source is loaded with straight-forward interface that makes it accessible to both experienced and individual users. Processing conversions for multiple files becomes simple and efficient with this online converter. In addition to that, this desktop-based application entirely ensures the files privacy and security.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple UI
  • Capable to make batch files conversion
  • Files are automatically deleted after conversions for security concerns


Zamzar is another web-dependent source that covers a variety of format conversion, including WebP and PNG format conversion as well. Apart from the simple process of conversions, this utility offers the ability to receive the download links via email. This way makes it the most convenient option for individuals who decide to change and retrieve files later. Moreover, Zamzar entertains you with the full-fledged options for cloud-based storage integration. 

Highlighted Features

  • Extensive format support
  • Get the download file via email
  • Best integration with cloud storage services


Convertio is the best and powerful online converter that enables various media types including images. It entertains you with all possible compatible conversions, you can make conversion through a web-browser as well as certain applications/extensions. This is indicated as the perfect choice for those who are seeking for the flexible options to turn webp into png.

Highlighted Features

  • Access this source from different points including “web browser, chrome app, mobile app, browser extension”
  • Wide range of formats supported


iLoveImg is a dedicated editor and conversion source of images that offers easy to navigate online converter if you want to changes the format from webp images into a raster png image. However, you can find that it is patently focused on image manipulation, and still entertains you with seamless files transformation process. If you’re seeking a webp file to png converter that lets you make additional settings for the converted file, then it's best to start with iLoveImg.

Highlighted Features

  • Loaded with capabilities to edit images
  • Tailored full-fledged image conversion features
  • Adjust both image quality and settings


FileZigZag is the quick online source that lets users transform files without requiring to sign up for an account. You can make conversions from webp into png and for different other formats, its interface lets you process conversions in less than a minute. Also, you can provide one or more email addresses and let this tool send you the converted files for certain assistance.

Highlighted Features

  • No signup/registration required
  • Straight-forward UI
  • Enable to send converted files to multiple emails

Online Converter

Online Converter is revealed as the user-friendly platform that lets you transform files to and from different other compatible formats. It includes a full-fledged and powerful webp to png converter that functions to save webp as png with minimal effort. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple UI
  • Swift and reliable image conversions.


CloudConvert is the most comprehensive online conversion source that not only helps to convert images, but also video, audio, and more. Its simplest UI stands out from its counterparts regarding conversion from webp format to png raster file format online. Users can save the newly transformed files direct to the cloud storage services with the natural assistance of this online converter. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports different formats
  • Export newly converted files as cloud storage services
  • No technical skills required to make conversions


Although WebP is a modern and efficient image file format, the time comes when you need to transform it to the more supported formats like PNG in certain cases. The above-mentioned converters let you streamline the Google WebP files to PNG images conversion process. Prior to choosing one from the given tools, you ought to prioritize your specific webp to png conversions needs. Good Luck!