Terms of Services

By accessing and using the services of webptopng.xyz, you have confirmed that you agree to the terms of services. These terms can be modified at any time so you must keep an eye on them. Otherwise, you will not be aware of the latest changes in terms.

Read on! carefully before using this website:

File Ownership and Privacy:

Using our services requires you to upload your files, keep in mind these files are solely your property and we have no intention to save them anywhere. Meanwhile, your image files are yours and no one can access or copy them. All the uploaded or converted files are stored for a short period of time on the server. It is also done with the permission of the user that they grant by clicking on the convert button of the converter. Once the conversion of the image file is completed, it deletes both uploaded and converted files after some time.

Copyright Policy:

Remember to never use our services or intellectual property for any kind of violation. You are only responsible for the conversion of image files, and URLs that you have provided to the webptopng.xyz. Don’t worry about the security of your files because this does not let anyone access the files.

Termination/ Restriction:

We have the full right to terminate or restrict your access to the webptopng.xyz at any time without giving any prior notice. Therefore, you should never use it for any kind of violation.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use:

By using this website, you agree to not use it for any unlawful activity and will not be prohibited from the terms of services.

Law and Jurisdiction:

Keep in mind that the terms and conditions of this website are written in accordance with the law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  • Parties agree to have a clear understanding of the rules that are applicable in a specific region/nation.
  • The user agrees that our service will be regulated by the laws of our state and the user is eligible to consent to the jurisdiction of the state court.
  • Parties agree to solve all the disputes with negotiation and if it doesn’t work, then they can contact the competent court.


Terms can be changed at any time. So you must keep a check on them regularly to have the proper knowledge about the latest terms of services.


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