Priacy Policy

The protection of data is an important concern for everyone. Therefore we keep the protection of user privacy as the first priority. You must read this section with great care and focus to understand what we do with the data of the users. is the product of Eclixtech and we ensure to perform all the responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is the most strict and strong security law in the world.

Modifications to Privacy Policy:

All the rights are reserved by us and we can make changes in the privacy policy for certain concerns. Remember that you should have to visit our privacy policy page regularly to be aware of the up-to-date terms.

While using our product, it signifies that you fully agree with our privacy policy and other outlined terms. If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us.


Using this website means you have no objection to the information and the data handling technique that is mentioned in this privacy policy. Keep in mind that the services we are providing are not targeting any specific community and are intended for all the general users.

What We Collect From Users?

None of the user's uploaded or converted files are collected or stored anywhere. Meanwhile, this platform does not read or collect the file data, metadata, or any other information from the uploaded and processed files. For statistical purposes, we ( just collect the number of files that are converted, error logs and the size of the file so that legit outcomes can be delivered for future improvements.

If you reach out to us via an email address, we only use it solely for communication purposes based on your specified queries.

How We Handle Your Files?

You don't need to be worried about the security of your files. Whenever a file is uploaded it goes to the server and is stored temporarily. All the processing is performed automatically without human interaction. When the conversion is completed all the uploaded or converted files are deleted permanently. We take all security concerns seriously and do our best to keep the user files secure from any kind of unauthorized access.

Whenever any user contacts us through email we surely respond to provide assistance and to solve the user’s problem.


We have utilized cookies to enhance the user experience and optimize the website so that it can perform well for all users. These cookies are changed over time because we are continuously making improvements. They are tiny files that are saved on your computer. If you want to stop them from saving on your system then change the settings of your browser. But remember that this action may stop the functionality as well as some of our services.


Google Analytics is utilized on but if you want to opt-out then you can easily do that. With the help of this analytics tool, we understand the behaviour of the visitors and we make the necessary improvements, according to it. This analytics records the information about the visited pages, duration of the session, how you reached the websites and where you have made a click and much more. But if you want to prevent this, then you can easily stop it by installing a plugin on your browser.