Use this png to webp converter for converting your png images to the webp format. You can convert png to webp without reducing the quality of images with this online tool.

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Your files are Secure Data security comes first - We'll never sell or share your data. For more details, here's our Privacy Policy
Your files are Secure Data security comes first,here's our Privacy Policy

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How to convert PNG to WEBP online?

Step 1 Upload PNG

Click “Choose File” button to upload PNG’s or drop them into the designated area.

Step 2 Start Converting

After uploading, click “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

Step 3 Download WEBP

Finally, click “Download” to save the converted webp images.

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Highlighted Features


Quick and Efficient

Turn png into webp instantly with this online converter as it only involves three simple steps to make transformation.


Fully Secured

Your File(s) security matters to us - they will never share or sell, even all the files are deleted right after processing.


Completely Free

Our png to webp converter is free to use, no matter how frequently you perform png file to webp conversion, there’s no charge.


Convert in Batch

You can now convert multiple png(s) at once into webp pictures with this online converter, just drag files and get all conversion done swiftly.


Compatible with All

No matter what operating system and device you’re using, this online tool is accessible for all. All you need is a stable internet connection to save png as webp format.


Retained Quality Results

When converting from PNG into WebP using this converter, the quality stays the same as the original image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to convert from PNG images to WEBP?

Use webp instead of png, it will helps high quality images with smaller file size that make the web faster.

Can I convert png to webp on Linux?

Yes, our png to webp converter not only lets you turn png into webp on linux, but also on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc).

Can I convert change png to webp without software?

Thanks to this png file to webp conversion tool that does not require any software or plug-in installation to convert files.

Can I convert the webp file back into png?

Yes you can, simply navigate to the webp to png converter by and convert your webp back into png with ease.

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